I’ve been saying for months that these bozos were going to get desperate. The best example so far this week isThe Irish Trojan’s Blog:

“All the external factors seem to point in Bush’s favor: the economy is improving, gas prices are finally falling, and the transfer of sovereignty in Iraq seems likely to shift the terrorists’ focus away from American targets and more toward the Iraqi ‘collaborators’ who now hold power and will soon commence cracking down hard on the insurgency. That should mean fewer American deaths, which (let’s be honest here) is all that the public really cares about. Meanwhile, with Ahnold and Rudy facing off against Algore and Teddy, the conventions seem certain to help the Republicans, as discussed earlier. Then we have the two great festivals of patriotism, the Olympics and the 9/11 commemorations, both of which seem likely to put the country in a mood that’s much more favorable to Bush’s Gipperesque optimism rather than the Kerry/Gephardt(?) ticket’s miserable-failure-ism. And then, just as that GOP-friendly period begins to wrap up, just when Bush has finished building a double-digit lead in the polls, whoosh!, the trials of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jackson begin (on Aug. 27 and Sept. 13, respectively), and everyone stops paying attention to politics altogether and starts watching the new ‘Trials of the Century’ instead. John Kerry could run through the Rose Garden naked, but no one would notice, as they’ll be too glued to Court TV. Next thing you know, it’ll be October, the election will be fast approaching, the horse-race coverage will self-fulfillingly prophesy a Bush landslide, and voila, John Kerry will have become Bob Dole.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to lose. Not because Bush is unbeatable — because we have a crappy candidate who can do no better than tying Bush when he’s at his absolute low-point.”

Add to that the Saddam trial/ public execution, Hillary “We’re gonna take away your tax cuts” Clinton, Bill Clinton, and of course Ralph “The Democrats aren’t socialist enough” Nader, and Michial Moore’s lies not being denounced by the Democrats, and he’s got a pretty fair list of the reasons Kerry will lose big come November.

But the writer misses the biggest point of all…

Kerry’s problems also involve a lack of ideas the American people actually agree with!!!

Ya know, at some point, the Democrats are just going to have to admit that they’re out of favor with the American people, simply and directly because the ideas they represent are not accepted by the voters.

To admit that single glaring fact, would be a total defeat for the Democrats, were they to do it today. But it won’t be nearly the losses they will suffer come November for their hanging onto the pro-socialist, anti-American agenda they’ve been preaching.

Mondale and Dukakas will no longer be the worst Democrat defeats when the dust settles on this one. Consider that what those two losers were preaching, back in the day, is not at all unlike what Kerry and his ilk are pushing today. And the funny part is that like the people who claim in spite of all history that socialism will work, (“it’s just not been done right, yet”), the Democrats still won’t learn from the experience… they’ll just keep trying to sell the same bilge.

And the American people, God Willing, will never buy it.