I was camping over a long weekend, and am just getting back up to speed.

I wondered how long this was going to take… Mchael O’Hanlon and Ken Pollack have posted a piece in the in the New York Times, called “A War We Might Just Win”. The attitude of the article he is exactly as expressed in the title.  Needless to say, this is getting an awful lot of argument around the Sphere just now. mostly, the commentary appears to be nothing but spin.

An angle that did not come up in my reading of some of the other comments about this Op-Ed, was exactly the first one that came to my mind upon reading it.  After all, I reasoned, why say anything like this at all, if you’re a democrat, who’s been pounding the table about withdrawing our troops, four years, now?  The reasons, to my mind, are simple he indeed.  That being that Pollock and O’Hanlon are attempting to create an escape route for the democrats.  The democrats, as you know, have been telling us all along that we’ve lost in Iraq already, there’s no point going on, we may as will our troops out now, etc..

But now, suddenly, after years of our being told the whole thing was lost and the democrats costing themselves huge numbers of voters in their eyes of “defeats for America at any cost” comes these two prominent democrats saying in effect ” Oops… perhaps we CAN win this thing….”

frankly, I wonder if this angle hasn’t been too long in coming, since just about everybody else on the planet is notice that there’s some surprisingly good news coming out of Iraq these days.

Now that this new ground as been broken, the next logical question to ask is how many of the Democratic party presidential candidates are going to be singing the same song between now and November ’08?  Personally I would estimate all of them, with the possible exception of Dennis Kucinich.

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