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Dale destroyed the Martin Lewis “open letter” to General Pace requesting Pace “relive the president of his command” without even breaking a sweat. It is an absurd notion and anyone with even a modicum of intelligence and knowledge of the Constitution knows that. Obviously Martin Lewis, however, didn’t.

Yeah, well everyone else burned him down, too, including me. Given the easy target he made of himself, no great shakes for that. The reaction of Lewis, though, was even more pathetic than the original call to arms;

After being savaged in the comment section there and apparently savaged in the blogsophere as well, Lewis now claims it was all a big joke:

I have been reminded of that question as I watch with bemusement the right-wing blogosphere getting its knickers in a twist over my column that presented a tongue-in-cheek open letter to General Peter Pace suggesting that he arrest George W. Bush for “Conduct Unbecoming”. It was of course just a ‘a modest proposal’…

Anyone who has read “Gulliver’s Travels” (even the ‘Comics Illustrated’ version from Regnery Publishing for the “challenged reader”) is aware of a little thing called satire. Perhaps has even heard of Jonathan Swift.

But it appears that the only “Swift” that the right-wing nuts have heard of is the Swift Boat.

Swift = Smear they understand.

Swift = Satire…? Well, let’s just be charitable and say that it “eludes” them.


Really. As I observed in somebody’s comments section on the matter, the man doesn’t have the common sense God gave a doorknob. He’d be better off if he would admit that he doesn’t have the intelligence necessary to pull off a joke of that order. The man’s own comments section is ample evidence of that point.

One thing about desperation; you very seldom get the chance to think desperate acts through. This is clearly one of those.

Addendum: (David L)  Ok, I will not post my own article, nor will find a picture of a gold plated shovel, Golden Shovel Award.  However, I do note this, Martin Lewis’ defense of satire would ring true if and only if, his original assertions of fact in this original article were true.  They were not.   Lewis wrote:

General Pace – you have the power to fulfill your responsibility to protect the troops under your command. Indeed you have an obligation to do so.

As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Pace has utterly no combat command troops under his command, nada, none zero.   Pace is NOT in the warfighting chain of comand.   A good lie at least gets his facts straight.  Lewis isn’t even a good liar.



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