OK, I’m back. Well, really I was back yesterday, but because my hours were so screwy Friday and Saturday because of the Fostoria Ohio trip, I really wasn’t fully back into it, all day on Sunday, and frankly, I’m still not hitting on all holes yet.  Essentially, yesterday was a jet lag day, where I recovered from the hours inflicted on us by the demands o the trip.  well, that and I made a first crack at wading through the gigs of vid and stills we took while there, looking for a few to post. I’ll get to that, tonight, and you’ll see the first of that stuff tommorow, perhaps.

Driving, particularly long haul driving, is when I usually have lots of time to myself to think, and with the price of fuel of late, it’s a time that comes all too rarely.  One of the things I’ve been considering is this blog, and it’s future. Both it’s look and feel and it’s writing. I’ve decided that in the end, I’m pleased with what we’ve accomplished, here at BitsBlog.  I would still like to pick up one additional writer, to add some additional perspective, and content,  but honestly, I can’t complain at all about the things we’ve managed to do with the place, day in and day out for nearly 8 years, now. I do have a few ideas about the look and feel, though, as a result of this trip,  and I’ll be doing some coding over the summer to move us to where I think our look and feel needs to be.

One thing I’ve noticed is my political discourse has become a bit sharper of late, particularly online. A more “No prisoners” atitude.  One of two things; Either I just don’t care anymore, having run out of pateince, or I’m starting to take all of this more seriously. I’m not sure which. A few folks have noted the change in the last week, and have commented on it. I’m not sure I’m concerned, I merely make note of it.

All that said, let’s look around the place and see what needs flaying.

  • My comments to David’s great post earlier today don’t begin to express my disgust with Wesley Clark. Consider the weaker sperm that didn’t make it, which allowed that bit of walking slime to be inflicted on the world. It’s not often discussed, but you should know going forward that Clark was fired… removed from command, disgraced, for incompetance.  It strikes me that his judgements about military matters are thereby faulty as such, to begin with.  Yet, this is the kind of inDUHvidual that assocaites himself with Barack Obama, and Obama with him.  That tells me all I need know about the value and the level of honor involved with Barack Obama, and what values he would bring to the White House, if we were ever stupid enough to elect the man. I shouldn’t worry about that point; Look, I think I’ve made it clear over the last few months that I’m no huge fan of McCain. But at the bottom line,  I think the American people know who got his backside canned, who gamed the system, and who was a true servant of his country, and how to treat the political asperations of each.
  • I don’t think it’s a lie, Billy, I think you’re mis-identifying the cause of the look; If there’s one thing she worships, it’s power.  It’s not the man, it’s what he has in terms of power potential.
  • Hey, Steve; It strikes me that what you’re describing here is one of the penalties for having a word appropriated by a a group, in the process of advancing it’s own politics.  That most certainly is not the fault of the AFA, but rather of thse who appropriated the word. We lost the use of a word because someone thought “Homosexual” was too hard to deal with, from a social/political perspective.
  • Well, now you begin to understand why I moved this blog off Blogspot a few years ago. That choice seems to have been reinforced. I’m convinced I’d have been thrown off the service by now, had I stayed.  Assuming the best answer, here.. that Google is simply responding to complaints foled by Obama supporters, why should we think anything but that we’ll see more of this kind of thing from Obama supporters, and from Google in the future? Why should we think that the ‘fairness doctrine’ that the Democrats are drooling over won’t be pushed next year? After all, both the ‘fairness doctrine’ and this chain of locking opposition blogs has the same effect; Silencing any and all opposition. Rather Gestopo like, I think. Or, perhaps Old Chicago Politics. Is this the ‘new’ politics Obama keeps prattling on about?
  • I commend Neal Gabler’s column to your reading. 
  • Also, McQ’s post on AGW, here.
  • Here, too.
  • Will someone please tell me what the hell they’re thinking when they try to sell such things are brake rotors, by picturing the rotors being held by a girl in a Bikini? I mean, I suppose it’s a way to shout louder. But it’s the first sign to my mind that reason has gone out the window. “Well, they must be good quality…. she likes ’em.”  “Does the girl come with ’em?” “Remember that diet plan, honey? Forget it. We’ve gotta buy brake rotors, instead.” Worse, she’s not pictured as being simply next to them, someone’s done some photoshop work, making it look like she’s HOLDING the thing… impossible, given her figure. Next week, we’ll see the same girl holding a transmission. Oh… and I should mention… when I work on such things, there’s nothing for the clothes but a flamethrower… grease spots. The Girl, though, there’s no grease on her at all, from the parts she’s suppsoedly holding. The sad part is, like Spam… the reason it’s there, is because like it or not, it works.
  • The BBC is reporting that we’re starting to see backlash around the world on the push for more ‘biofuels’.  30 million people sunk in poverty because of the Bio-fuel scam.  Look, it’s become clear our move to ‘green’ is short sighted, and people around the world are waking up to this fact. Nowhere, I think is that pushback being taken more seriously than here in the US. Consider; what is the reaction to high prices? A push on the part of consumers for increased oil and gas drilling by removing the ‘green’ restrictions. A push for more nuclear power generation. A push for increased use of coal.  All of which runs in the face of the greenies that have so dominated our energy policy since the middle 70’s, and have driven us into the ground economically. And guess which side of that fence Obama is on?
  • The Canadian healthcare system a failure. No, wait, this isn’t me saying it,  it’s Claude Castonguay , the guy who designed it. and so many… Obama included… want us to set our healthcare system to match that model? Gee, can you imagine that might not be a good thing?
  • Another model takes the plunge. Ya know, it’s just a thought, but perhaps that life isn’t so glamorous after all?
  • A third place and an honorable mention at OTB’s caption contest.
  • There is such a thing as being stupid. Usually the stupid ones don’t end up paying the price. In this case, he did. It’s amazing to me that Amusment parks exist at all, anymore; You know as well as I do what will happen once the lawyers get into this one.. regardless of the number of fences the idiot had to jump over to get into that position.
  • Let’s see… an added pumping rate of  4.5 million barrels of oil per day. think that’ll change the prices of oil on the world market? It’ll happen in a lot faster time than 5 years, once these negotiations get completed. Short is the word. Also, keep what you’re currently driving. No sense going to this kind of nonsense. (In pic right) The added cost of the car will swamp any savings on fuel you might have. And you’ll still be stuck with the stupid thing when prices come back down.
  • Not too suprising to see the ChiTrib calling for a repeal of the Second Amendment. Now that the court has finally ruled on the thing, and cast in legalistic stone what the amendment says… (Ummm…what it has always meant… and what the left has always claimed it didn’t mean),  the Trib is down to calling for it’s removal. In effect they’re admitting defeat in trying to overturn the second by means of judicial fiat… a tool they’ve used so often before.  I will stipulate that it’s within their rights to do so, of course.   But it’s worth noting that their stealth attack on the 2nd is now a frontal assualt. It will fail, of course… but the intentions places like the ChiTrib are laid bare for all to see. You’d think that of all places, Chicago would be the last place calling for the outlawing of something, given their history with such laws in the past… but there it is. BTW, you’ll see NRA lawsuits in Chicago, shortly. SanFran, too.


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