From the San Francisco Examiner:

If the recently enacted $787 billion economic “stimulus” package is intended to save or create jobs, why does it encourage states to move people from work back to welfare? Yes, you read that correctly. With virtually no debate on the issue, Congress approved the new law with provisions that effectively reverse the historic welfare reform law of 1996. That reform, crafted by a Republican Congress and signed by Democratic President Bill Clinton, moved millions of people from welfare to work, while dramatically cutting poverty among single mothers and children

Bi-Partisan welfare reform was arguably the highlight of the Clinton administration.    Welfare reform was popular and even better it worked.   The fact that Nancy Pelosi and Dirty Harry Reid had to sneak through the repeal without debate is in of itself revealing.   Unreforming welfare is a losing proposition.  

The good news is that we don’t have to wait until 2010 to take back Congress and re-reform welfare.   We can do it now.   Barack Obama wants a second stimulus package Porkulus II   Let your representatives know that you want the Clinton era welfare reforms restored.   Demand to know what action your representative  will take to restore welfare reform and if  they oppose common sense welfare reform to tell you why.

If your representative is blue dog democrat, make him choose between supporting his district or supporting Mrs. Pelosi.  I have seen much, if any bite, out oft the blue dogs.  Can they be made to bite?

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