Stink Progress has their knickers in a twist of this, somewhat inarticulate, statement from Zack Wamp(R-TN):

WAMP: Listen, health care a privilege. […]

MSNBC: Well, it’s a privilege? Health care? I mean if you have cancer right now, do you see it as a privilege to get treatment?

WAMP: I was just about to say, for some people it’s a right. But for everyone, frankly, it’s not necessarily a right.

Wamp’s statement of fact upset one Ryan Powers:

Aside from the fact that healthcare for Americans cannot – from an economic or a humanitarian stand point – be viewed as a privilege, Wamp is misrepresenting exactly why so many Americans lack coverage

So sorry to inform you Ryan, but Congressman Wamp is right, and you are dead wrong.   Health care is not a right and can never be a right.    Rather health care is a commodity.   That it is the product of human endeavors.    For in order for health care to be given to one person, it first must be taken from another.   In a free society, no man ever has the rights to the fruits of another man’s labors.     Your health care, like your mortage, is simply not my problem.

Simply coveting the fruits of another person’s labors does not, and can not, create a right.    As much as you may crave for me to pay for your health care,  that in of itself does not create some magical right for the fruits of another’s labors to pay for your health care.   That is called greed and that what you libtards purport to rail against.

More, Stephen Spruiell, National Review:

I’m not sure what else Zach Wamp said to incur the wrath of the blue-blog zombies, but he is absolutely right about one thing: Health care is not a right, at least not according to the conception of rights upon which this country was founded. Your rights include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You may not be unjustly deprived of these things. Your rights do not include things that I or anyone else must be forced to provide for you, such as a home, a car, a job, or health care.

Alas in the this of presidential inspired greed, simply having soemthing the left wants is more than enough to provoke their wrath.

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