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  • THE FINGER-POINTING AND THE DAMAGE DONE: Well, by now you will have known already that there was an earthquake in Massachusetts last night.  Josh Marshall perhaps one of the better examples of progressives trying to minimize the damage to the left’s agenda, caused by that ground movement. Certainly, among the more amusing:

    Message of the day to all Dems, Coakley, Rahm, Celinda Lake, national Dem committees, Axelrod, whoever, whatever: Shut the *$%& Up! I don’t know how else to say it. I’m watching MSNBC and hearing all the key players dumping on each other. As I’ve said, the Coakley campaign seems to have been run just terribly. And that’s just the beginning of it. But really, with all that’s at stake, the White House political office left this to Coakley, unsupervised? Really? I just have very little patience hearing all the people who are by definition all to blame have an argument about who’s most to blame.

    That larger agenda of course involves the massive socialist government takeover of healthcare, Marshall makes plain:

    What I’m seeing — and this isn’t just based on public comments but our reporting behind the scenes — is that there’s a lot more energy going into dodging blame for this unforced error of galactic proportions than there is going into the real issue: closing the loop on the health care bill. Which is the only issue in policy terms and political terms. That’s it. Everything else is water under the bridge.

    Marshall and his fellow travelers can wail all they like about how this was just one campaign, and say the reason they lost in Massachusetts was because the campaign was badly run. That may be partially true, but they will never allow themselves to come close to the truth… and examine WHY it was badly run and WHY a badly run campaign made a difference.

    The truth of the matter is that the Democrats all over this country have been running bad campaigns for some time now.  That’s particularly true in Democrat party bastions such as Massachusetts.  The reason is, they didn’t need to do better, until now. Bad as they were, their campaigns  were still effective. You don’t spend campaign money where you’re already leading. You don’t put your parties brightest stars at risk if you’re leading.  They’ve never needed to run a good campaign until recently.  There was never any serious question as to who would win, because it wasn’t until just recently that people there got fed up with the Democrats and their agenda.

    People like Marshall, and a whole host of other far left bloggers …..have yet to allow themselves the intelligence to make the connection between the wild unpopularity of the socialist leaning progressive agenda … including the government takeover of healthcare…. and the resulting unpopularity of the people pushing such agendae at the polls.  Like Coakley, for example. That connection was clearly evident when Coakley lost several points amongst the pollsters after supportive visits by Presidents Clinton and Obama.  I’m telling you, gang, I hold no illusions about Brown being a genuine conservative, since about anyone would lean more to the right than what they’ve been electing up there for a long time. That said, this thing is the coalmine canary for the next few elections.

  • ONE DOWN, THREE MORE TO GO: For the benefit of those who didn’t remember, and to the chagrin of those who are trying rather hard to forget today is the one year anniversary of Obama in the White House.  Boortz today points out a few of the highlights:
    • Travel to Copenhagen to get Olympics for Chicago. FAIL
    • Travel to Copenhagen to get some grand global warming treaty. FAIL
    • Campaign in Virginia for Creigh Deeds. Republican Bob McDonnell wins. FAIL
    • Campaign in New Jersey for Jon Corzine. Republican Chris Christie wins. FAIL
    • Campaign in Massachusetts for Martha Coakley. Scott Brown wins. FAIL

    I hasten to point out that the one point upon which Mr. Obama has been a rousing success is in unifying the whole of the country against the Democrat party.  Yet, he’s still not gotten the message... word this morning that he’s now abut to order a government takeover of the student Loan Industry. I’m not sure, but I suspect that Obama as first year from the viewpoint of most Americans has in total been an abject failure.  And we’ve got three more years of this.

  • THEN THERE’S HAITI: There seems to be some argument as to whether not the 6.1 shaker down in Haiti that popped this morning, is a quake all it’s own or an aftershock of the previous one.  I don’t know as it much mattered to the people running out of the already weakened buildings.
  • THE SPLITS, OLYMPIC STYLE:As a preview of the upcoming winter games:

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