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  • AS REGARDS DAVE WIEGEL...Does anyone not understand that the reason that the Post hired him in the first place was they knew he’d write exactly the way he did? They knew darned well his antagonistic views toward conservatives, and for that matter anybody to the right of, say, Fidel Castro.  Forgive me if I’m unimpressed by his defenders.  This is not intended to pounce on Wiegel… let’s be honest enough to say that he is hardly alone in this.  Indeed; that’s why I’ve held off commenting on all of this, because it is not at all a unique situation.
  • THE DIET: Most of you will know that my wife has joined Weight Watchers. I’m rather proud of her, she’s been doing very well indeed.  She’s been losing on the order of a pound and a half a week, which is actually a bit faster than the ideal, according to the Weight Watchers site.  In the meantime, in the same amount of time , which interestingly enough coincides with a new job I’ve been on, I’ve succeeded in losing on the order of 30 and 35lbs. depending on which scale you’re using.  Donna is some kinda pissed about that. This week she reports gaining perhaps a pound and a half.  I keep telling her perspective is in order, here.  A pound and a half can be easily eliminated quite literally in a bathroom visit.  She’s all bummed out about having gained a pound and a half over the previous week.  I’m telling her on the whole, it really doesn’t matter much, and she shouldn’t get discouraged over it.  It comes down to a matter of self confidence, I suppose.
  • THE IOWA GOP: I see my old friend Art Smith has been live blogging from Iowa at the GOP dinner, there.
  • THE PETITION: I see Roy Blunt is spreading a petition around to put a halt to runaway spending. personally, I’m not foolish enough to figure the petition is going to stop anything.  The only thing that is going to stop the runaway spending is to put room conservatives into Congress.  And, the White House, for that matter.  I want you to consider something; the united states government, and most of its states, have been dominated by liberalism for years.  Yet it’s the liberals who blame conservatives for the financial difficulties we are in.  Does make sense to me there, but there it is.  Seems to be the only, nation that we haven’t tried Israel conservatives in positions of power.  In all three branches of government at the Federal level, and sweeping the state houses as well.  The republicans in my view on their own worst enemy on this score, when they try and push moderates rather than conservatives.  Blunt , in my view, is doing a bit of grandstanding.  It serves his purposes, of course, but I wonder who’s else gets served.

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4 Responses to “Nightly Ramble Monday”

  1. Wow! on that weight loss by both you and Donna.  Not the easiest thing in the world to do and it sounds like you’re both going gangbusters.  Congrats!

  2. Well, driving truck, for may part makes it a foregone conclusion. As I told D, I\’m working my ass off.

  3. Be careful. You might lose the best part of your personality.

  4. LOL… yeah, and half my smarts, with it.