Dayton,NJ— I’m here picking up a load for Rochester. I’m hoping that my usual truck is ready to go. I’ll be in the yard about Midnight, or so. Lots of rain down here the last few days… NYC caught 8 inches… a one day record as I gather it. Humid, today and low 80’s.

  • ATF:GUNRUNNERS- Congresscritter Trey Gowdy is among those who want to know who, what, when where and why.   As I keep saying, there’s no question anymore… Holder knew what was going on. I want him frog-marched out of the White House under armed guard and the watchful eyes of a few hundred cameras. If Republicans were charged with anything nearly as serious, you know that’s what the press and the Democrats….(but I repeat myself) would do.
  • PERRY v OBAMA: Let the mudslinging begin! I’ve said nothing about Rick Perry yet, in terms of his record, because frankly I’ve not had much chance to investigate his record. But based on recent speeches and the reax, as well as what I do know of the man’s record, he does seem the most formidable of the front-runners so far. I note with some interest, that Paul Rahe posted some of his initial thoughts…. and that they pretty much parallel my own:

    You will respond that Bill Clinton came from Hope, Arkansas, and you will be correct. But Bill Clinton went to Georgetown University and Yale Law School, and he did a stint at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He was vetted. Perry is an outsider. Even in some circles in Texas, Aggies are regarded as hicks. It is easy to see what sort of campaign David Axelrod and his associates will gin up against Perry. It will draw on the instinctive bigotry that made it so easy to demonize Lyndon Baines Johnson and the younger Bush. Obama cannot run on his record. To win, he must demonize the alternative. It is going to be ugly.Perry is an exceedingly successful Texas politician. He comes from a place that is self-regarding in the extreme (I speak as a native of Oklahoma) and inward-looking. He has never operated outside its borders, and he may be unaware of its parochial character. If he is, he needs to wake up right away – and Mitt Romney is perfectly situated to give him that wake-up call.

    Here is what Perry needs to do. He needs to anticipate the assault.

    Yes, I do think that Obama will go on an unquestionably bigoted attack. As Paul says, it’s all he’s got left. Can you imagine having to run on a record as abysmal as Obama has racked up? He’s got nothing left, nothing at all.  As to the effectiveness of such an attack, I have my doubts.The bigoted stuff will work for the leftist base… as we’ve demonstrated many times, on this site, the left is nothing if not bigoted…. but the center and the right? No. Sorry.  I don’t see it swinging anyone.

  • HEY, WARREN: Nobody is stopping you from sending your money in, moron. Show us how much you think that’s a valid thing by doing it without force of law.  How about it, Warren? Send in a 5 billion dollar check today and make me out a liar. You won’t do it and you know it. But kket’s see if it’ll really help…. Remember, Warren when we were promised that Obamas $831 billion stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%? I’m sure youre people are telling you, Warren; it’s been above 8% for 30 months in a row, now. How’s that for ROI, huh?
  • SPEAKING OF O…. or is that zero, or just near it… Barry’s Daily Approval is now at 39%, whereas 54% Disapprove
  • UNION THUGS: This time, it’s Verizon. I saw a bunch of these morons at Hicksville last week. The fastest way for a company… or a government to fail is to allow Unions in. Verizon has learned that lesson. Remembe what I said about the left getting more desperate by the day…. and certainly, the unions are part and parcel if that increasingly violent left. Hey… it worked for Stalin, and for Hitler, both socialists, right?

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