Some advice to the GOP leadership….

If you want to win elections, your strategy should not include what the Karl Roves of the world are telling you. I like Karl and respect him. But facts are facts. The advice coming from the inside the beltway types has been anything but good. Such advice has lost you the last two elections, both of which should have been cake walks.

To win, ponder these points.

1. The number of people not voting is going up year over year. Its to the point now where the vast majority of Americans simply do not vote at all. Polling data tell us that the majority of Americans come down to the right of anything that either party has puked up since Reagan. That situation has become more pronounced over the last 6 years or so.  Nobody is representing the majority of America. So….Forget chasing the mythical political center. It doesn’t exist. Instead, go after those not voting. Give them someone to vote for.

2. Don’t let your opponents pick your candidate. Democrats, every year, give advice on who they would like to see running for President from the GOP. Such advice invariably gets played loud and often on the lapdog media. But I wonder a bit… Has it occurred to anyone in our erstwhile GOP leadership that the Democrats in so doing, are picking people that will be the easiest to beat, or at least, cause the least damage to the leftist mantra should such candidate by some miracle actually win? We let them pick the top of our ticket with Dole, McCain, Romney. The last time we didn’t take the left’s advice was in 1979/80. Do the math.

(Consider, too, that the GOP leadership of the time wasn’t too happy about Reagan running. I know. I was there in 1976. I saw it. How’d their pick work out that year?)

3. You have to nominate a TRUE conservative to win the Presidential election. If you are going to claim being the small government party, you’d better actually BE that party. The citizenry isn’t as stupid as your actions suggest you think they are.  As an example… if you’re going to castigate the Democrat for his big government healthcare fiasco, you might want to make sure the guy at the top of your ticket didn’t write the majority of the bloody thing. Democrat lite which is all you guys know how to do, ain’t gonna cut it, gang.

4. Don’t listen to the lamestream media lapdogs when they try to tell you why you lost. Same reasoning as number two. A look at our elections history, who has lost and who has won big, exposes their lies as such, and gives you your path to follow.

5. The conservative agenda needs to be properly explained and sold tominorities and single women. It does not need to be altered to make it valid to such people. It already IS valid. It needs to be pointed up what a disaster the left and its policies has been to minorities… what moving away from small government conservatism has done to them, and is still doing to them. As Charles Barclay says, poor people and minorities have been voting Democrat for generations… they’re still poor.

Now, get going. We have a country to save.