…. one must assume there is more than racism at work, in the case of Ferguson and other incidents….or at least a different kind of racial inequality from what is being advertised.

As the Daily Caller suggested the other day:

Many black people have their lives disrupted by the criminal justice system, but the lives and property of many blacks are also protected by that same system. The average black person is 6.5 times more likely to be murdered than the average white person. But the police aren’t the ones killing blacks. Over nine out of every ten black people who were murdered were murdered by other black people.

The claims of current discrimination by police are weak. Take NBC’s Meet the Press this past Sunday, Andrea Mitchell claimed she had proof of racism in Ferguson’s law enforcement: “I think with a 67 percent African American community here, Wesley, and 83 percent is the arrest rate and incarceration rate is 93 percent African American, which shows you are targeting blacks.” Unfortunately, as just noted, blacks generally commit crimes at higher rates than other groups. Indeed, if blacks in Ferguson were to commit murders at the same per capita rate that blacks do nationally they would make up 94.2 percent of those incarcerated.

Bank robber Willie Sutton was once asked why he robbed banks. Said Sutton, without a trace of irony, “Because that is where the money is.”

By the same token, then, the reason there are so many Blacks arrested in such places is simply because that’s where the crime is. Of course, Ill be called racist for pointing out this fact. (Shrug). It is nothing if not predictable.

Indeed, the whole mess is predictable to the point of being totally formulaic.  As Bruce says the other day…

t begins like this:

Incident occurs.  In this case, black teenager, white cop (template says black/white with black the victim).  Tensions build.  Protests erupt and violence ensues.

Then the real problem occurs.

Before everything can be sorted out and calmed down, the media shows up.

Of course, as soon as the media grows enough to include national outlets, the professional race baiters are soon to follow.  Right on their heels the other opportunists arrive – the anarchists, communists, community activists, agitators and looters.  And soon the circus is in full swing.

Rumor is published as fact.  Hate rages from both sides.  Social media is inundated with trash talk, nonsense and stupidity aided and abetted by an agenda driven media. Death threats, threats of violence, racial hate and other garbage flows like a river.  Anchors from the national outlets put on their safari jackets (or now I guess it’s their protective vests and helmets) and get cameo shots near the protests to certify their “bona fides” as brave news men and women.  Irresponsibility and immaturity on all sides rules the day.

In watching all this, it strikes me that the people who have the biggest problems with this (shooting) are the ones seeking to give the government more power, and who think government can solve any issue, if we can just get the power to said government and tinker with the laws enough..

Do such people not understand the inherent conflicts in giving government more power, and throttling the police, who are the first level enforcers of that law and that power?  Apparently not, wherein lies another level of stupidity.

As with the Trayvon Martin case, the left tried to get out in front of this one, pushing memes that simply didn’t hold up against the facts that eventually came out. This usually ends up being the case… the usual arguments are that blacks are suffering under stereotypes… and at the end, we find that the subjects are all too stereotypical. Zimmerman wasn’t white, dated a black girl, had many blacks in his circle of friends, and so on. Martin was certainly not the innocent the usual suspects portrayed him as being. In the Ferguson case, the picture is solidifying that Brown was not the ‘gentle giant’ the left touted him as.

Does racism still exist? Of course. There are some times when it is the problem. But its gotten to the point where it usually proves out to be a false charge…. as it has in Ferguson.
At some point, the idea that all of this is racism, needs to yield to the oft proven fact that the real issue is thuggish attitudes and chosen lifestyles of many urban youth, who often happen to be black.

People like Cosby, and Thomas Sowell, and Ben Carson have been saying this for years. How long will it be before the word his the street, and gets the Jesse Jacksons of the world to admit where the real problem lies… and attack it as such?