Now, this will not be news, since most folks already know…. but Nancy Pelosi has gone round the bend.

James Woods, apparently recognizing this reality has commented on social media about her actions.

As you see, and for what I must assume to be legal reasons, Woods passes off a possibility where everyone else on the planet, save those who share her affliction, sees a lead pipe cinch.

Ill tell you flat out… The Democrat party both collectively and individually, lost grips on reality many years ago. Pelosi is no exception.

Mind, these are the people we are supposed to be treating as either A; (in the view of the establishment GOP) equals, as in their mental meanderings are equal to actual thought, or in the view of the left, vastly superior.

And we wonder why Washington is dysfunctional.

2 Responses to “Nancy has Lost It.”

  1. Mrs. Pelosi is daughter of a politician, wife of a multimillionaire and democrat office holder.  Hence by ‘rat logic, such as it is, she is entitled to think of herself and be treated as if she were royalty.


  1. EricFlorack