Obama’s speech making is well known. We already know he campaigns well… its one of the few talents ha has shown us, and I suppose this to be little else, tonight. He’s in trouble and knows it. That is what drove him to this point.

But lets get real, here.

The speech doesn’t matter, and changes nothing absent some trust in what he’s saying.
The American people do not trust the man, if you read the polling data. Our once-allies don’t trust him either, or at the least, take little of what he says seriously. Our enemies don’t either.

Given what he now says is a complete turnaround from what he was telling us mere days ago, and given his long and well documented history of policy blunders, half truths outright lies, and poll following, on what basis should we trust what he says this time? On what basis may we see his words tonight as being any more trustworthy than he has consistently shown himself to be?