One Shoshana Roberts has made a viral video, from  Cavan Sieczkowski, Puffington Post:

Watch This Woman Receive 100 Catcalls While Walking Around For A Day

Ten hours of walking around New York City, 100 catcalls and one huge problem.

Rob Bliss of Rob Bliss Creative makes viral videos for a living and decided to use his craft to shine a light on street harassment, a pervasive issue affecting females around the world. Partnering with actress Shoshana B. Roberts and Hollaback, a nonprofit movement launched by activists to end street harassment, Bliss packaged his production as a PSA and offers viewers a different perspective on the problem.

A chic walks around New York City, with a population in the millions, and gets what hundred so-called “cat calls” in ten hours. This meant to be an indictment all men. When in Rome, you play by the Roman’s rules. Walk the street and the rules of the street apply.   Maybe, or maybe not, the twenty men in the video  had read Shoshana Roberts and were tempted by her 34DD’s.    Rather,  maybe more men were put off by her chip on the shoulder attitude.

Roberts needs to remember that all cultures are equal and she should not be judgmental  towards the indigenous cultures of her adopted hometown.    Roberts seems to assume that all men and all women are cut from the same bolt of cloth.

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