DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleThe Breakfast Scramble:

War on the American people, Blondie says people are literally dying for a cigarette in Major Bill’s New York.

Global terror,  war on children, I agree Moochelle that bringing back the girls was a good idea. But now three of them did come back, and now you are going to need a bucket to collect their parts.

More Charlie, in Paris, millions rally against Islamic terror, mean while back at Barry’s Place.   Was it too cold to golf?  While Dim Won punted on terror, Nice Deb went off tackle, part I, part II.   Dim Won can not address Islamic terror.   He can’t even say the two words in the same sentence.  Frenchy  calls criticism  of Dim Won ‘s Paris absence  quibbling.   Funny, Kerry entered the political arena by pretending to stand for something and feigning courage.  Too old to fake it any more, old boy.  The Other Smitty calls Sally Kohn, everything except smart.

Politics, Jay Leno says Mrs. Clinton seems old and slow.    Gee that could explain way Mrs. Clinton never noticed B.J. running around on her, behind her back.   That or  she lacks an extra wide rear view mirror.