DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleThe Breakfast Scramble:

Health  tip:   How to say healthy.  Stay away from the Happiest Place of Earth

Be smart.  No commodity worth anything is ever free.    Obama wants to give away free community college education.   But what is Obama’s asking price?

Will anybody even know she will have gone?  Bye-Byes Babs

John Hinderaker takes Doctor Howard Dean to school.   And to believe that Dean once thought he wanted to be president.   Speaking of wanting to be president, is Bill Maher the only liberal honest enough to speak the truth about radical Islam (video}?

The headline that says it all:   Muslim Fanatic Defends Savage Murders by Fanatical Murderous Muslim Savages.

What ever happened to choice in Connecticut?  A seventeen year old already is deemed old enough to exercise the choice of life or death over  another person.