Me, elsewhere.
I wonder if the larger issue from Hillary Clinton’s perspective isn’t the day to day traffic that was on that server.

Understand me, the national security issues that this thing brings up are valid and those going after her for those violations are quite justified in doing so. And, correct.

In thinking this through though, I’m beginning to suspect that Hillary Clinton’s biggest fear was the majority of the traffic on that server, not the couple of handfuls that had national security data in them.

Deleting those files and making the rest of the server available for inspection, would have been the simpler course if the non security related messages were not also incriminating.

And I wonder if that’s not the real story here. I wonder if this isn’t a situation where a Clintons had a large number of underhanded dealings going on, misuse of governmental power, illicit funding for various purposes, etc.

Put more simply, it’s beginning to appear to me that Hillary Clintons larger fear was not the national security data on that server and what might have been accessible, but rather what else might have incriminate her.

Along with whoever else may have been implicated. And that may even be a larger issues at all of the above.