Photo by Adam Ward

Photo by Adam Ward

The perpetually enraged, black, homosexual Obama supporter, and the murder of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, Vester Flanagan is dead, to be missed only by CNN, which will be deprived of going 24/7 on his murder trial.

I pose a question, why does our media continue make celebrities of a mass murders and yet purport to be puzzled when mentally unstable young men resort to murder to become celebrities, even if only the postmortem kind?  No film at eleven.

Hat tip and more, Amy Miller, Legal Insurrection:

This morning, Virginia reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward lost their lives after a former co-worker ambushed their live shot with his own camera and a handgun. The attack was aired on live TV, horrifying both their colleagues, and viewers of the WDBJ’s early morning show.

Ward managed to capture footage of the shooting before falling to the ground; things went dark on the broadcast, but his camera caught a shot of the gunman.

Black, homosexual, Obama supporter, Loretta Lynch gets to take this case off.