It the media right to have and to stick to their talking points issued by the democrats.   It not the duty of any citizen, any candidate, or Carly Fiorina to dutifully recite democrat talking  points as if they were facts,

from Hill, text:

Carly Fiorina is defending her decision not to correct a man who characterized President Obama as a “black Muslim” at a diner in New Hampshire.

Fiorina said it wasn’t her job to defend the president, noting that he “isn’t on the ballot.”

“I’ve said on many occasions: President Obama tells me he’s a Christian; I take him at his word,” she said on Fox News on Friday. “But the truth is, President Obama isn’t on the ballot.”


Reax from a member of the democrat palace guard, one Dixby, Hullabaloo:

There are many ways she could have handled that. She could have said that there’s nothing wrong with being black or Muslim. She could have said the President is a Christian. She could have said that she disagrees with his policies but doesn’t think he “doesn’t want the country to get ahead.”

But no. She fed right into that bigoted nonsense and let it stand

If Dixby wants to attempt to make the case that Obama is a Christian, he free to do so.   Or maybe Josh Earnest wants to make a stab at it.   However, the idea that Barack Obama is a Christian is not a fact. It is a democrat talking point. Carly has no obligation to display fidelity to democrat talking point. That is the media’s job. They do it well.