I didn’t write the Ramble for last night, too busy watching what was going on in Chicago.

But I thought struck me as I watched what was going on. Has anyone else noticed that there haven’t been riots at any Ted Cruz events?

Oh, sure, it’s easy enough to blame the interests of the left for the riots that we saw last night. This is after all Chicago. But that doesn’t really add up, does it?

I mean look at this from the standpoint of recent history. We have seen that every time some group or other stands up in a position to trumpet only solidifies Trump’s following. If George Soros for example paid for those riots last night as we saw him do in Ferguson MO

If that’s what’s going on, I strongly suspect that those paying for such riots don’t have a clue about the political ramifications of it, and haven’t learned from recent history, where every attempt to split Trump from his followers, backfires.

Now I can certainly see the possibility of this being an actual Grassroots Groundswell against Trump and his political positions. I can certainly see them being ignorant of recent history with regards to Trump. Thing is, that brings us back to my original question. Why no protests against Ted Cruz? After all, of the two, Ted Cruz is by far more conservative and thereby, one would think, a more important target to the left. But we’re not seeing it. And that, I think, is a clue.


No, my heart tells me there’s something more going on here. And I think we can draw a rather prominent example of this happening in history.

Is it possible that these rioters were paid for by Trumps own people? That strikes me as a definite possibility. After all, again I point to the recent history where every negative attached to Trump, gets turned into a positive in terms of solidifying his base. 

And you know, you can almost smell the reichstag burning.