I’m going to say this plainly. The only reason that Muller went to the extent of raiding the office of President Trump’s lawyer, is to provoke Trump into firing him. That way, he can play the Martyr and the Democrats, (in which I include idiots like Bill Kristol) can point the finger and say “see there was something”.

Because otherwise, they’ve got nothing. Absolutely zero… And certainly nothing that would indicate anything along the lines of Russian collusion. Remember that’s what this was supposed to be about?

Again, Without Trump taking the step of firing him, Mueller has nothing.

And that’s going to be a problem for him and his team in the near future. As Jonah Goldberg points out:

. “I’ve talked to several lawyers with DOJ experience. There are serious and strict guidelines against doing anything like this at the DOJ and FBI, particularly when the subject/target has been cooperating. They — and a judge — must have seen something significant to go ahead with this. Back on the first hand, I think Hugh Hewitt is right that this is a politically unprecedented move to go after the president’s lawyer and, by extension, the president’s private papers. Which means that whatever warranted this had better be big enough and clear enough to the public to justify such a move, or a lot of people are going to have egg on their faces.”

Thing is, at this point Muller doesn’t have anything to lose because he doesn’t have anything in hand. Nothing.

Glen Reynolds notes the same article and adds:

.The problem is, many, many people won’t believe claims that nonpartisan officials using meticulous procedures are acting fairly. There’s been too much egg on too many faces already. But the potential consequences here go beyond embarrassment. There can’t even be a shadow of a possibility that someone is overturning an election via bureaucratic war, or there will be hell to pay, and I don’t just mean embarrassment for a few top bureaucrats.

The emphasis is mine, and it’s a key point that a lot of people are missing.

The only people that are going to buy the notion that Mueller is acting in a “meticulously nonpartisan” fashion, are Democrats. Like for example, those who make up all of his legal team.

Everybody else on the planet recognizes that there is nothing non-partisan about this entire charade.

Imagine with me if you will, an entire team of Republican donors investigating Hillary Clinton. Do you think for a moment that the Democrats would believe that they’re acting in a non-partisan fashion? Even if they did believe it would they say it in public? You know as well as I do that would never happen.

The consequences on this, when Mueller comes up empty, as he will, are going to be severe. I promise you this is not going to end well.