8 Responses to “Heros”

  1. Not with us, but not gone until none are left who remember them. 

    There should be no young widows, no children trying to fill the shoes they imagine their fathers would want them to standing before lowering devices their father in a box lays atop. 
    Never again should there be a woman flinging herself atop her child’s coffin ripping her fingernails loose attempting to touch her baby one more time.

    If there must be war, let the damn politicians to fight it.

  2. We need to honor are past heroes, because in the world in which we live, we will need heroes in the future.  In too many cases, the alternative to war is not peace but rather surrender.

  3. Visit the words of George Patton on the matter of getting dead for a country.

    Visit the actions of Eisencoward both in Europe leaving US Troops in Stalin’s hands and later as he bowed to DeGaul.  Take a side trip and learn who taught Uncle Ho to fight the Japanese and then completely ignored those teachings. 
    Vietnam was a damnable experiment in building a Directorate of Operations that turned into an extermination of Baby Boomers skewing LBJ’s labor force numbers.

    Look at that damnable black wall and understand another 50,000 names aren’t there because they didn’t leave Vietnam frozen in an aluminum box. 

    War is far too devastating to leave to governments to conduct!

  4. The policy of letting the Soviets carry the burden of the campaign in the European theater was Roosevelt’s, not Eisenhower’s.  It true that the citizens of eastern Europe paid of horrible price for their Soviet “liberation.”  However in defense of Roosevelt, the United States was also fighting a war with the Empire of Japan, with with whom Stalin was at peace.

    It is true there were other strategic options to fight, and hopefully still win, World War II, but none were without their own cost and peril.

  5. David you are sadly following the government approved story.  You are completely missing Eisencoward abandoned over 30,000 US POWs who were in German POW camps in the Red Zone of Germany when hostility ended. Another 20,000 British POWs were also abandoned.
    Eisencoward also assisted in returning Russian POWs in camps then under American control to Stalin with full knowledge those troops would be murdered when back in Stalin’s custody.
    Yeltsin not only admitted the fate that befell those men, he documented it.
    That POW situation was the foundation of Patton’s expressed desire to take German soldiers and march into Russia which Eisencoward disavowed and condemned.

    Stalin had brutalized Eastern Europeans back into the 30s when he repopulated Ukraine with ethnic Russians to replace Ukrainians he starved to death.  Edward R Murrow saw it from the window of the train he rode to and from Russia and didn’t report it at the time.

    Stalin “remaining at peace” with Japan was purely tactical.  Stalin lacked troops and supply to engage Japan having purged his military prior to Hitler attacking Russia.  Stalin fully intended to avenge Russia’s loss in the 1905 war with Japan, planning to send Russia’s fury against Japan once Hitler was stopped.  To that end Stalin held Japan’s request for him to negotiate Japan’s surrender. 

    Stalin’s troops fought with the fury they had because they knew failure meant death either against Germans or by Stalin’s death squads. 

    Stalin’s campaign through Eastern Europe was not dictated by any other plan than that being the route to Germany over the bodies of German troops.  FDR had been supplying Stalin from the time Hitler headed into Russia for oil, to include shipping a complete tank factory to Russia.  FDR’s main planning effort in the Second World War centered on erecting shoddy buildings that would self destruct on Washington’s parkland unlike the well constructed temporary buildings that still remained from the First War.  I recommend Brinkley’s Washington Goes to War for your enlightenment.

  6. Uncle Joe was Roosevelt’s peer, not Eisenhower’s.

  7. John, I can only suggest that you read my writing on the subject of Peace before you expound further.

    Separating us from our war making ability does not make peace anymore than gun control stops people killing each other


  8. Eric my man, since I’ve known you in excess of 50 years, and can’t recall a day you laced on a pair of boots and picked up a weapon, your writing on the subject of peace is at the very least without experience in the game of war.  You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and Constitutionally guaranteed the right to express that opinion.

    If you had a decade more time riding the rock around the Sun, your experience well might differ considerably. 

    The ability to wage war is a frightening thing.  Armies (to include all military branches) are much akin to football teams.  You build them both, practice them both, and provide leadership to both, and eventually you either play football or the team disintegrates.  Same applies to Armies. 

    Team owners spew crap as do governments.  Since the beginning of the 20th Century the US has found itself in major wars about every 20 years.  Even factoring in that Vietnam was the final chapter of FDR’s little exercise, kept simmering by Eisencoward & his pals from OSS turned CIA DO, conducted as Lyndon’s program to minimize impact to the labor force of the 40s Baby Boom, this country has engaged in too damn much warfare over the last Century.  US participation is entirely disproportionate, and the time for the US to answer 911 calls damn well should end now.

    There is also a nasty little linkage between Network “News” and US boots going on foreign soil.  Shall we include incompetent White House occupants completely disregarding agreements in place and putting US boots in Somalia, and ordering disarmed deck watches in fueling ports known to be hostile? 

    Generals and Admirals are all looking to build reputations for better post retirement contracts with Defense Contractors, so they’ll put the team on the field at the slightest provocation.  Defense contractors don’t hire for the reputation of having Best Fleet or Best Division awards for PC training. 

    You do write a lot better now than you did back when you played Mike Melody & Tommy Tunes for Gordon and ate rubber eggs with Nelson to cover his act at the Regional Market, but even if you read SunTsu and Clausewitz cover to cover your military knowledge remains as it was back then.  That beach landing you made over North of the Parkway did not qualify you for any amphibious landing credential. 

    Si vis pacem, para bellum, meaning “If you want peace, prepare for war” can and needs to be read many ways.  The trick is to be and remain prepared without putting your boot on their soil. 
    For those who understand no explanation is necessary.  For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.