Roger Simon raises some interesting points here:

One of the salient facts to remember in the wake of the firing (finally!) of Peter Strzok is that the man was the chief of the Counterespionage Section of the FBI. That means the man in charge of counterespionage for the Unites States of America was conducting an extramarital affair with another important Justice Department employee via text messages that could easily have been hacked by a high school student.

Roll that around in your mind for a moment. Can you think of anything dumber in the intelligence world? You don’t have to have read any of a dozen John le CarrĂ© novels to understand how foolhardy it was, how it made Strzok subject to all sorts of skullduggery from foreign powers. No wonder it took them so long to fire him. There must have been a lot to investigate besides his ridiculously biased and jejune politics.

Now roll back five years to when it was discovered that Dianne Feinstein’s chauffeur of twenty years (!) was a spy for the People’s Republic of China. (Well, five years for Dianne. The rest of us found out only last week.)

How was it possible the then-chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee was under such intimate covert surveillance by China for decades? Where was our counterespionage on that one? Not doing a lot of countering.

Incompetence, here, most certainly. But there’s more going on here too.

Why is it that we didn’t hear about this for 5 years, where the facts in the case were very firmly established, and yet we heard about Trump and his supposed Russian collusion almost instantly with an almost complete lack of established facts in that case?

The man’s firing was long overdue, and frankly, he should have been arrested.

But here’s the thing….  Clearly, one story benefited the Democrats and their handlers… Namely the ChiComs… and one did not.

Personally, I can’t help but wonder if the Chinese aren’t a couple of layers underneath all of this business with Russia. The two of them have never been tremendous allies, and given what we know about “Driving Miss Feinstein“, (stealing Roger’s phrase), I can’t help but think that the weapons of mass distraction being brought to bear on this is just the thing to cover the Chinese’s backsides in their operations.

If the Russians were involved in the most recent election, you can bet your baseball bat, your cowboy hat, and your house cat that the Chinese were, as well. The attempts of China to influence our politics through the Democrats is hardly new. There’s no question in my mind that the Chinese had the Clintons in their pocket for at least 30 years. (History)

Do any of you doubt that the Chinese had their fingers into the DNC servers as well as Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, neither one of which had security that a high school student couldn’t break into?

Nor has that effort ceased.

Among other things the Chinese are in the process of picking up The Mighty 690, according to the Washington Free Beacon:

A large Spanish-language radio station in Mexico will soon begin broadcasting in Chinese in a deal critics say will bring Beijing propaganda to Chinese Americans throughout Southern California.

A Federal Communications Commission filing on the sale of radio station XEWW AM 690 radio near Tijuana reveals the buyer has ties to Phoenix Satellite Television US, a subsidiary of Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing Phoenix TV.

According to government sources, signs that Phoenix is involved in the purchase of the radio station prompted the Trump administration last week to begin an investigation into the national security implications of the sale.

Phoenix TV has been identified by U.S. intelligence agencies as a major overseas outlet used to spread propaganda and promote the policies of the communist government in Beijing. The Hong Kong television station also has close ties to China’s intelligence service and military.

The deal for XEWW, a 77,500-watt station capable of reaching all of southern California, was brokered by a New York financial company, H & H Capital Partners

My friends, that 77500 what signal is half again as much power as any AM station in the United States is running, but that’s only half the story of the power involved. The antenna system is quite directional.. and the effective radiated power is well over a hundred thousand Watts, resulting in this coverage: (via Radio Locator)

Now, why do you suppose the Chinese Communists would be interested in spreading their propaganda over the already left leaning SouCal? Hmmm?

More as I find, of course.

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  1. How much would we have to pay China to take Californicate and KEEP IT?

  2. We got California from Mexico.  We can give it back to Mexico.