So, this pops up in my feed this morning from Jim Treacher:

As we saw with Ralph Northam — Yeah, remember him? Governor Coonman? — the Democrats claim to care about a lot of things that they don’t really care about. Northam was condemned across the board for his racism, right up until the Dems realized that the only way out of that mess was to put the office in enemy hands. It was a comedy of errors: “How about replacing him with this guy? He’s black, so that’ll mean we’re not racist anymore. Wait, no, he’s accused of rape. How about this guy? No, he’s a racist too. Okay then, how about this guy? No, he’s something even worse: a Republican.” So, they just stopped pretending they cared. They dropped the story like a hot rock. They left a racist in office rather than concede any power, anywhere. Why should they care? They’re Democrats.
And now the same process is happening with the Dems’ purported opposition to anti-Semitism.

As ever, Jim is spot-on with this comparison, and the double standard that he points out goes precisely to what Lee Zeldin was talking about in the video I posted yesterday.

With Democrats, and with establishment Republicans to a slightly lesser degree, it’s all about whether or not their team’s power suffers when somebody screws up.

The willingness of Democrats in particular to go after the overt racism of the Virginia governor or the rape allegations of its lieutenant governor for example are directly connected to whether or not somebody outside the Democrats hold is going to attain power because of it.

In short, for all their screaming about racism, rape, anti-Semitism, all the usual Democrat talking points, they all are secondary, a tool to be used for obtaining and retaining power. they are not Democratic values, merely Democrat talking points. The only thing that the Democrats value is power.

All one needs to do to confirm this as look at what temperature it’s actually do not what they say.

Which brings us back around to the representative from the Islamic Republic of Minnesota.

Victory Girls :

Ilhan, you tweeted about Israel hypnotizing the world. You’ve singled out AIPAC and other conservative organizations stating that ‘it’s all about the Benjamins baby.’ Furthermore, all your lovely anti-semite pals (Linda Sarsour, David Duke, and others) rallied around you. Some had the absolute GALL to say that your remarks weren’t all that bad, and you are just misunderstood.

Umm NO. Your horrendous dual loyalty smear dumps that misunderstanding into the sewer.

The resolution, prior to the vote, was rewritten AGAIN to include not only the kitchen sink, but pantry and refrigerator as well.

“The measure was initially expected to condemn anti-Semitism, but it was ultimately delayed due to tensions within the Democratic caucus over the language in the resolution.

It was later revised to also condemn discrimination against “Latinos, Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders, and the LGBT” as well as “African-Americans, Native Americans, and other people of color, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, immigrants, and others.””

Yes, the resolution ended up being worthless and dishonest. Why? Because they were too damned cowardly to call Ilhan Omar out.

And again, the reason that the Democrats were unwilling to call her out what’s because their power would be threatened.

What are they going to do at this point… call for a special election in Minnesota? Do you suppose under those circumstances there’s even an ice cube’s chance in hell a replacement Democrat will be successful in such a special election?

So, the Democrats sit on their hands in the face of naked anti-semitism, knowing full well that if they they oppose it they’re going to lose a seat in Congress. Again, it all comes down to party power.

The thing is, I don’t see the woman shutting up anytime soon. I don’t think they do, either. And even if she does, how many other Islamic members of the Democrat Party are willing to stand up and take her place?

And so the can gets kicked down the road again. At least until the 2020 election. Thing is I don’t see the Dems being able to wiggle their way out of this one, regardless of whether or not they’re able to kick the can down the road till 2020, which of itself would be even more disastrous than I’ve already predicted.

And finally, there’s a number of blogs that I monitor and occasionally engage that haven’t dared to touch this subject.

Gee, I wonder why?