This is the Democrat Party of today:

Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D) says there’s “no way in hell” she will be resigning from her post, despite pleas from prominent state Democrats and Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO). In a now-deleted Facebook comment, Chappelle-Nadal said that she hoped President Donald Trump would be assassinated.

There was a time in this country when such comments would results in the person being handed their hat and a boot in the back side, even before the echo from such commentary died. These days, it’s all too common.

Investors Business Daily, about a year ago reported:

A California resident attacked California GOP congressional candidate Rudy Peters with a switchblade. Witnesses said the assailant was spewing profanity-laced remarks about Trump and the Republican Party.

A Republican Party office in Laramie, Wyoming caught fire — in what officials suspect was arson — just days after it opened.

A deranged driver repeatedly rammed his truck into a local Fox News affiliate in Dallas,


Breitbart started collecting examples of attacks on Republicans and Trump supporters in recent months. Their list is now over 550. In the past couple days, someone spat at a Hispanic immigrant woman wearing a Trump hat. A black man got kicked out of a bar for the same offense.
Then there are the repeated calls — either explicit or implicit — to attack Republicans coming from prominent journalists, politicians and celebrities.

People, it needs to be clearly understood that this is the mentality we are up against.

The Democrat Party is unquestionably and unswervingly the party of hate. The party of division. The party of racism. Make no mistake, these are Nazi tactics being employed by Democrats.

Since it is clear that the government, particularly where it’s run by Democrats, isn’t going to respond to this, the least we can do is rise up at the voting booth and reject the Democrat Party, The Party of hate.