A very interesting read from my friend, Arthur Chrenkoff

“The Washington Post” beat me to taking a closer look at the Christchurch, NZ, and El Paso, Texas, terrorist attacks carried out this year by two white supremacists against Muslim and Latino targets respectively, in particular the common thread of the perpetrators’ ecological concerns. Kudos to the WaPo for doing a reasonable work discussing this topic – no doubt a controversial one for their woke readership – though with some qualifications.

Well, yes, that’s a link I’ve noticed in the past but haven’t quite known how to address it.

Arthur here, seems to have done a good job of latching onto it, however:

In this context, it is interesting – though not surprising – that the left has latched onto Christchurch and El Paso terrorists as a cudgel to bash the mainstream right for supposedly enabling today’s fascists and white supremacists with their rhetoric about immigration and multiculturalism.

It is equally not surprising that the left has failed to similarly condemn the extremist environmental rhetoric for contributing to radicalisation and normalisation of this sort of Malthusian violence we have seen in New Zealand and the United States. Apparently, Trump’s tweets directly lead to white supremacist mass shootings, but the misanthropist philosophy of the deep greens is somehow unconnected to the eco-fascism’s obsession with over-population, pollution and resource exhaustion.

It’s always more than a little bit dangerous to try to identify the links in the minds of a madman. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been reluctant to address the links between these movements and the violence we’re seeing in some of these mass shootings.

But it is educational to observe how various groups react to the documents that these brain damaged individuals leave behind them. As a commenter to Arthur’s article suggests:

The reality is socialism leads to scarcity and people get tribal when times are rough. Fascist/ socialist/ communist Eutopia not achieved will always end up being the fault of outlander saboteurs and will always devolve into the elimination of classes of people. Blame shifts and more people die.

Indeed, Margaret Sanger, Mao, Stalin, and that guy with the funny mustache all seem to have eliminationist tendencies at the heart of their philosophies, don’t they?