Sharyl Atkinson notes that to a man, each of the testifiers before Adam Schiff’s little kangaroo court was a strong advocate for the Ukraine.

Well apparently, even Atkinson hasn’t noticed that claiming that Donald Trump was a Russian agent when Russia was in the process of invading the Ukraine, is also a ploy to strengthening the position of the Ukraine in world affairs… And if the activities of Mitt Romney, Quid Pro Quo Joe, (and let’s not forget his horrible slug of a kid) as well as the Obamas, the Clintons, and so on, are any indication, it comes down to the above-listed and many more in lining their pockets from those affairs as well.

Taking a step further it’s not hard to imagine why the Democrats are all over this business with Ukraine. Their corruption gravy train was about to be derailed. I notice once again that impeachment wasn’t on Nancy Pelosi’s calendar until such time as Donald Trump decided to look seriously at corruption in the Ukraine involving US Democrats.

Let’s also remember the financial condition of the Democrat Party which didn’t fare too well after the Hillary Clinton loss. Truth be told, the Democrats are broke, or at least they were following 2016. Can it be they found a new source of funding in the Ukraine?

We can take Pelosi’s reaction as solid indication that Trump was getting near to a uncomfortable Truth for the Democrats. Remember, please, that the flak is always heaviest over the target. That transition was created by the idea that the Democrats didn’t want the Ukraine investigated because it would reveal their corrupt dealings with them…. Including the Democrat manipulation of the 2016 election.

Granted, that there’s a good deal of speculation in this, but that fits the available facts and awful lot better than what Adam Schiff has been pushing… and I’m going to suggest this is going to come an awful lot closer to the truth than the Democrats would want.