I’ve written often these last couple of years about the increased amount of anger that I see bubbling up against the unamerican left.

Sarah Hoyt puts me to shame with an epic piece that came out yesterday. I’ve already seen several people comment on it. Here’s just a bit of it:

…we’ve seen things that just ten years ago I’d have thought were insane: we’ve seen Hillary pardoned for crimes that would have sent anyone else with her clearance to prison. We’ve seen open conspirators and liars disporting themselves in the limelight and get not even a slap on the wrist. Instead they get lucrative book deals for books that everyone knows will sell three copies. We’ve seen a former president bug a rival’s campaign, and try to discredit the rival with a fake dossier, and yet remain free, rich and revered (though not by the left who now are trying to convince us he was a conservative. No sale, guys, that baby with the bright red diaper is ALL yours. Kiss him on the puss and call him daddy. You own him.) We’ve seen now two attempts to take the president down on fake accusations and fake “evidence” with full complicity of the media. We’ve seen the President’s executive orders countermanded by judges out of podunk who never said “Bah” to a single one of Obama’s use of pen and phone, no matter how outrageous.

We’ve seen you try to impeach the president because Joe Biden is corrupt.

And what’ seen can’t be unseen.

Here, I’ll decode for you, hard of hearing leftists: Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself, means “We can see you there behind the curtain. You’re not a great wizard. You’re not a medium size wizard. You’re just corrupt little leftists swollen in your own importance. AND WE SEE YOU. AND WE SEE THROUGH YOU.”


There is an anger in the land I don’t think you’re even vaguely aware of. I’m not — not even close — the most hot tempered on our side. And I was a very reluctant Trump voter. But watching your sham- wow-impeachment (It’s Russia, it’s Ukraine, it’s taxes, it’s mean tweets against the squad, it’s the fact that orange man bad), your attempt to reverse elections you don’t like, and silence people who don’t agree with you, has me spitting mad, furious, not even sure what to do with all this anger. And I’m not alone. You have no idea of the anger stalking this land. (And if you say “you sound angry” guess what “Damn skippy. You have no idea how angry.” The only ones not angry aren’t paying attention.)

As I say, I’ve written about the anger boiling up in this country in the past, but nothing I’ve written approaches this.

To my eye her writings have always appeared to be a little bit too stayed, too reserved for the situation. With this, she has captured in writing a small piece of what’s going on in this country. There is a backlash coming against the Democrats that as she says they’re not even vaguely aware of yet. The fact that the situation has managed to get the usually stayed Sarah Hoyt off the dime, I consider outstanding proof of my thought.

I’m telling you right now, this anger is going to have the Democrat party facing a defeat that makes Ronald Reagan’s landslides look tame by comparison.