So, today was the signing of the peace deal between the United States the UAE, Baharain, and Israel.Of course, the Democrats spent a great deal of time the last few days dismissing it as a grandstand play. Apparently they hope that nobody notices nobody else in the last 50 years has magaed to do what the Trump administration has done for Middle East peace.

As a result Donald Trump has been nominated not once but twice for the Nobel Peace prize.

Now, had the holy BHO accomplished this, we would be hearing never ending praises from the left and of course from their cheering section in the supposed mainstream media. As it is, if they mention it at all, it’s disparagingly.

And how was this peace accomplished? Why, of course, it was the way that the Democrats have been swearing up and down for decades couldn’t be done… Drill, baby, drill.As KT MacFarland noted:

First, Trump pushed for American energy independence. Not only did it accelerate America’s economic recovery, but it has also weaned us off Arab oil and the political and military entanglements that came with it.

Second, American energy production drove oil prices down. Arab leaders realized they could no longer count on lucrative oil exports alone to fund their governments and societies. They needed to diversify their economies and modernize their societies, which required regional peace.

So, in other words, Donald Trump by opening up America to drilling oil, and making us a net energy exporter, put the wild-eyed Arab states back on their heels… putting us in a position of strength not of weakness and subservience.

Presto change-o, peace treaty.Mr. Trump and his administration should be getting endless praises, from everyone… but of course we’ll never see it from the left given that there is an election coming up. There’s no way that the Democrats can twist this to make Donald Trump look bad, and to take credit for this effort themselves.

Put another way, they’re going to ignore it or disparage it because they didn’t build that.