Today is the day that you’re going to see read and hear a lot about the events of 19 years ago in New York, Washington, and in Shanksville Pa.

….but you’re probably not going to be hearing very much at all about the cause of those events.


That’s the cause for the whole thing, that very few people will dare to speak about even today. And why do we refuse to say anything about it?

Political correctness.

Future historians will look back at this, and will state flatly that those who refused to identify the problem correctly, did so because they didn’t want the problem solved. That they were in fact working against America specifically and Western culture in general.

Two of Bitheads rules come into play here…

1: Problem solutions require proper problem identification.

2: the worst thing you can do to a Democrat is to actually solve a problem because the moment you do that, you strip them of their ability to demagogue the problem.

In the headlines and all over The leftist enclave of Twitter this morning, we have the left making lots of disparaging noises about Donald Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace prize for his negotiation of a Middle East peace deal that will stick. Apparently, they forgot that nobody else since the late 40s has managed to do that.

Or, possibly and dare I say this, more likely, they don’t want middle East peace.

That said, on the anniversary of 9/11 last year, I made the following comments…

Question fired at me elsewhere:

“What in the world was Donald Trump thinking trying to make peace with the Taliban and not with the Democrats here at home?”

My answer:
Clearly Donald Trump figures, given the state of the Democrat Party these days, he has a better shot at peace with the Taliban than peace with the Democrats.

He’s probably right.

Next question.

And of course he was absolutely correct.

Observe the idea that we now have what is growing into a lasting Middle East peace, and meanwhile the Democrats have spent the last five years in open warfare against Donald Trump.  Far as I can see, that’s a very telling juxtaposition.

But perhaps just as importantly, that Middle East peace was achieved because of a President who, as a product of actually wanting to solve the problem is willing to identify the problem as what it is. He was willing to use the actual words “Islamic terrorism”, and proceed on the basis that Islamic terrorism was the problem.

Presto chango, peace treaty.

Reynolds says:

The Bush presidency was basically all about reacting to 9/11. The Obama presidency was mostly about reacting to the Bush presidency’s reaction to 9/11. Trump’s presidency has been about putting the United States in a position where things like that won’t happen. I’ll take it.

Indeed and I think most Americans will. And they will remember it come election day.

The Obama strategy of throwing taxpayer money around in the Middle East ultimately did nothing but feed the beast that was trying to kill us, and tore down all of the progress Bush had made toward the stopping Islamic terrorism, as weak kneed as that effort was.

Make no mistake… this is what has the Democrats so panicked… The very idea that between Obama and Trump, Trump is the adult in the room, is by their lights an idea that needs to be kept out of public view at all costs, particularly with an election coming up.