I’d like to say “unbelievable” but this is Cuomo we’re talking about, so actually it’s quite believable.

The day after more than 4,100 people died from COVID-19 across the U.S., news broke that health care providers in New York were forced to throw out precious vaccine doses instead of putting them in people’s arms.

New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, is the main man to blame. On December 28, he signed an executive order rolling out strict penalties—up to $1 million in fines, plus loss of medical license—for medical providers who allow people to skip the state-issued vaccination line, even when those doses are about to expire.

The state’s current vaccination plan allows frontline public health workers who have direct contact with patients to be vaccinated, as well as residents in nursing homes and other congregate care facilities. It does not currently allow for vaccination of most other elderly people, the group at the highest risk of death from COVID-19.

Forget about why the man is in office ….I want to know why Cuomo isn’t in jail.

Addendum, Eric

So now Cuomo is saying that the cost of staying closed is too high. Seems obvious that he figures Joe Biden needs the economic boost. Always apply Cui Bono with these people.