I’m telling you folks, it’s coming.

With a nod to Glen Reynolds:

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Democrats Are OK With Billionaires If They Censor You.

“This has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with an all-out assault on conservative speech.

What’s been most disturbing is seeing half the country cheer this on. The Left is rejoicing over the idea of a one-party information flow. Don’t doubt for a moment that all of the elected Democrats in Washington aren’t gleeful about this as well. “

Yes indeed, that’s precisely why big tech is doing this. As I pointed out earlier today, up until now they were still looking for a way to keep the antitrust suits away.

And Facebook’s suspension of Ron Paul speaks directly to that point at Volume 11.guys, this has nothing to do with safety or the Constitution or anything else other than political retribution against anyone who dares to speak up against the left.

Meanwhile the GOP establishment is making weak kneed noises about how “this isn’t who we are”, and so on and so on.

Well of course it isn’t who the establishment is, and that’s precisely why you’ve lost so much credit amongst the GOP voter. If you want to turn the government away from the Democrats in two years time, you’d better figure out why Donald Trump got elected, and act accordingly.