As it stands right now New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is probably the only person in the nation who has managed to destroy his career faster than Jussie Smollett.

Cuomo and Kim, both Democrats, have engaged in a public war of words over what transpired on a phone call between the two last week, hours after the New York Post reported that one of the governor’s aides, Melissa DeRosa, admitted his office withheld data on COVID-19 deaths at nursing homes. Many in left-leaning media have ignored the story, notably CNN, which had given Cuomo’s brother, Chris, free rein to conduct friendly, comical interviews with the scandal-plagued governor.

Whatever else might be said about this, this is more than just a one-off incident. we’ve been hearing rumors coming out of Albany about this kind of nonsense for years now, and apparently we have a situation now where the Democrats have reached the international “enough” line.

When you get to be too big an embarrassment for the Democrats damage control to handle comma critical mass is reached and you can pretty much forget about being supported. That scenario would seem to be confirmed as we look at the output of the leftist press including the New York times who has finally decided to take interest in these matters. Has the story at the links indicates, for weeks on end we couldn’t get them to even raise an eyebrow, but now suddenly it’s a serious story. When you’re a Democrat and you lose the New York Times, who in reality is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic party, you’re screwed.

That way lies Gary Hart and Jim Trafficant, for example. Get to be too big of a problem for the party, too big a problem for the cause and instead of being on top of the pile, you’re under it.

That these occurrences don’t happen all that often of itself suggests that it takes a lot to embarrass Democrats. (Yeah I know, like we didn’t know that already…)

On the other hand, it’s interesting that we haven’t seen anything out of the White House on this matter as yet.

But in the grand measure of things, the biggest indication I see here is that Ted Cruz going on vacation is getting more press than Mario Cuomo’s killing 120,000 nursing home patients with his “I don’t want Donald Trump getting the credit for covid-19 hospitals. and don’t worry about the old folks kicking off after all they just vote Republican anyway” routine.

Again, trying to minimize the damage. One gets to decided impression that the Democrats and their lackeys in the press would like all this to go away as quickly and quietly as possible.

Can you imagine the coverage if a Republican governor was responsible for the kind of deaths that Andrew Cuomo has caused?