Let me be clear.  Female Genital Mutilation is barbaric.  Yet FGM is not the most inhumane medical procedure masquerading as if it were medicine.  The aim of FGM is not to render the victim infertile, but only to limit or deny her sexual pleasure.

The left found an even more barbaric medical treatment, castration, surgical or chemical.  If a competent consenting adult wants to undergo such a procedure, sobeit.  However the left is not content with only castrating consenting adult.  They want to castrate children, with or without parental consent.

The Delaware Dimwit has nominated one of these monsters to be Assistant Secretary of Health, Rachael nee Richard Levine.  The result the battle of bad hair, video:

After a litany of facts and stats, Senator Paul’s question came down to a simple yes or no.  The Senator asked if child as young as three should be allow to be castrated without consent of his parent.  Levine ducked and twice replied that transgender medicine was “nuanced.”  BFS!  Three year old children are not mature enough to make such a life altering decision.

I would have found it amusing if Dr. Paul had asked Dr. Levine if the good doctor would be willing to undergo the procedure.  Alas, to late.