It’s amusing that the enviro wacko left has been all over the state government in Texas because they were unprepared for a once every hundred years storm. Even if we grant that the complaint is a valid one (and I do not), let’s look at the electrical system that they are proposing:

Instead of power distribution systems failing every “100 years” storm, they’re proposing a system that will fail every sunset, every thunderstorm, and every heavy snowfall with any degree of ice. Of course I’m talking about supposed “renewable energy”, wind, solar and the like.

Let’s also consider the double standard, in this case as compared to California, that liberal Paradise.

Whereas there aren’t many people who can predict storms years in advance (regardless of what the global warming types are going to tell you), out in California the electrical system fails every single summer like clockwork. Why? Because it gets hot in California in the summertime. Every single summer, like clockwork. They know it’s coming. and yet the liberal Democrats in California refuse to allow the power companies to upgrade the infrastructure to accommodate the situation. But they’ll say nothing about that when they’re screaming about Texas.

In both cases what they’re looking to do isforces to accept the government takeover of those energy companies.

Does anybody remember amtrak? This is precisely the same scenario.

My instinct would be to say that the hypocrisy coming from the left of these subjects is staggering, but in the last several years, staggering hypocrisy has become routine for the Democrats.

Where is all of this going? Last summer, our country was energy independent for the first time in its history.

With the Democrats in charge all of that, along with the prosperity that comes with it, is gone now. It’s an even money bet, however, the Biden family fortunes just improved rather dramatically when the keystone Pipeline got shut down. Suddenly the Biden family investment in China and in Romania are looking far more lucrative.

Lucrative for Biden and his family anyway. Not for the rest of us. with the shutdown on energy and the rest of Democrat party policy, some 861,000 people have lost their jobs since Biden took office.

“Unexpectedly”, of course.

(Remember that the last time we heard that word associated with an economic downturn was the last time that was a Democrat in the White House. Same policy, same result.)

And as a parting shot has anybody noticed the price of gasoline over the last several weeks?