From elsewhere this morning, here’s something that I thought should be passed on in these spaces. It’s that good…


Just going to share a thought here; some will take this well, some not.

It seems like just recent history when we all watched Ronald Reagan leave the White House for the last time, when his term of office ended – and not long after that, when Reagan passed from this life. We mourned, and then we looked around, asking “Who will be our next Reagan?”

Early this year, we watched on as Donald Trump left the White House, and it seemed like a movement was coming to an end due to the workings of the entrenched establishment. After the shock wore off, we looked left and right, asking “Who will be our next Trump?”

Just this week, we witnessed the passing of Rush Limbaugh, a vocal spokesman for many of the principles we cherish. As we mourn his passing, I hear many people in my circle asking “Who will speak for us now? Who will be our next Rush?”

Let me say a few words to encourage you all: we are not sheep in search of a shepherd. We are all free individuals, each of us responsible for defending our liberties. The answer to that question “Who?” is simple. YOU. Every one of you reading this, be bold and fearless. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

There is a circle in my life, one subset of all of the people in my life here in California. They believe the COVID masks and social distancing business is wrong, and they say they want to be free to get back to their normal lives. But you know what they’re doing to achieve that? Nothing. “I can’t wait for this to be over,” they say, but they go along with the restrictions. They do not complain. They do not speak up. They do not rebel. “It’s the law, and you can’t fight city hall,” they say. Or the governor.

In 1776, we didn’t sit back and ask “Who will fight against England for us?” Let me encourage all of you: you be the Reagan in your life. You be your next Trump, your next Rush. We all die in our time, and it’s a mistake to always look to someone else to be our deliverer in this life. We are not mere followers – we are free men and women. Leaders and spokesmen will come and go; it’s up to all of us to step up. Be bold and fearless.