Fox News’ Janice Dean says this was never about politics.

Make no mistake, Janice Dean is 100% correct here in so far as Cuomo needs to be called to account for his crimes.. Dean and her family have my complete sympathy, as well.

That said, there needs to be some separation. When she says that this is not about politics, I suggest that Cuomo’s actions and that of his staff have always been about politics.

This whole thing started because little Lord Cuomo boy decided he didn’t want Donald Trump getting credit for doing the right thing with the hospitals that were set up in New York City to accommodate covid-19 patients. This, in turn, was directly responsible for the number of nursing home deaths which Cuomo and his people for political reasons covered up. They were afraid it was going to be used quote as a political football. Well, duh.

Cuomo didn’t want Trump getting credit for doing the right thing so he marched off on his own.. which was directly responsible for all those nursing home deaths that he tried to cover up.

In other words all those people died because the Democrat ostensibly running New York State doesn’t like Donald Trump.

What Cuomo and his people did were wholy political decisions for which they should be prosecuted criminally.

But here’s the thing… If you’re going to tell me that the investigation and prosecution of this case against Cuomo and the Democrats running New York should be wholy criminal and not political, there you get my buy in. But don’t tell me this was not about politics. It’s always been about politics as everything is with the Democrats. Absolutely everything.

Remember what I’ve been saying now for the last few years:

When government runs health care, every healthcare decision is a political one.

This is as good a case in point of that axiom, as any I’ve ever seen.These decisions were political in nature, not science-based, not even consulting with physicians. This was pure politics on the part of New York Democrats.

In a broader sense, that set of events shows us just how far the Democrats were willing to go to attain governmental power again. And don’t worry about those seasoned citizens assuming room temperature. They’d have only voted Republican anyway. That is a lesson that we cannot afford to dismiss.

In a just world, we’d see New York Democrats behind bars right now. They need to be prosecuted and jailed for their criminality. It’s that simple, that direct. However we must never forget that politics was the reason those crimes were committed.