Here’s a writer who has a firm grasp of the obvious:

Today’s ascendant leftism means that I’m doing exceptionally well in the prediction business. When leftists have power, if you always assume the worst, you will seldom be wrong.

After all, leftists are nothing if not predictable. No matter the means they choose, the ends are the same: Anti-liberty, anti-unity, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Constitution (and, specifically, anti-First, Second, and Fourth Amendments)…I could go on but you get the point. Whether they use class, economic disparities, race, sex, or imaginary genders, the point is to destroy liberty in all its manifestations. Easy to predict.

Yeah, no kidding. Frankly I came to that conclusion two decades ago.

There’s lots more here, and I suggest you go to the link. That said, I must put this into this post:

Last year, the media didn’t just lie about Trump (claiming he was incompetent and criminal) and Biden (claiming he was sentient and honest). They also didn’t just suppress news, such as the proof that Biden was pimping his drug-addled son to the Chinese and the Ukrainians while he was working in the White House. Instead, the media also bent their will to purveying corrupt news about the Wuhan virus to increase panic, change voting norms and, quite possibly, to hide evidence about medicines that could have blunted the virus’s impact. Cuomo wasn’t the only one who killed people for political ends.

Now you might say this is harsh, but I think the author here is under selling it. However bad you think the situation is, it’s actually worse.

The problem of course is not only that our educational systems (mostly government-run and populated by an 8:1 margin by people who consider themselves to be leftists) and our media (again,mostly populated by leftists) have been lying to us, there are far too many among us who believed the propaganda they’re being fed by these entities.

If you question that any of this is true, I will point out to you that there is evidence that propaganda has value. That’s how the advertising industry, for example, makes its money.

What we are dealing with is the manipulation of the American mind.

None of what we were told by the Democrats about Donald Trump was true, and the evidence is mounting that what they sold is about the competency of Joe Biden was equally untrue.

The question is of course, what to do about all this.