As usual, the leftist narrative isn’t even close to reality:

Jim Sciutto @jimsciutto
New: Atlanta shooting suspect told police he had “sexual addiction,” “indicators now may not be” racially motivated, says Cherokee Cty Sheriff Frank Reynolds.

More: Mayor Keisha Lances Bottoms says suspect was “on his way to Florida”, possibly “to carry out additional shootings”.

So it wasn’t racially motivated at all. But you know the narrative on this thing is not going to change, and the actual facts here, be damned.

In any event, it’s clear that the leftist narrative has gotten beyond the control of the racists who were pitching it.

And the question that I asked 20 years ago remains… Is there anything that the Democrats attach themselves to that even remotely resembles the truth?


Chicago talk radio host Stephanie Trussell adds :

We all agree the attacks on the spas were acts of evil. There are those who are trying very hard to label the murders a hate crime. We shouldn’t be surprised.

What I haven’t heard are calls to crackdown on those “spas”. We see them in strip malls. Blackened windows with a neon “SPA” sign. We know what’s going on inside but we tell ourselves it has to be legal since they are operating out in the open.

No kidding.

I interviewed 2 women who run a ministry that rescues women from the sex trade industry. They said many of those women are brought here illegally. Some live in the spas. The oldest woman they helped was 76 years old. Those women are victims.

I have always wondered what would happen if a group of moms entered a spa and requested a massage. Who frequents those places?

People like our suspect. he wasn’t doing this based on an assumption he was doing it based on personal experience. He knew what was in there.