So Dan Bongino and Cumulus have reached a deal.

It looks like Dan Bongino is getting a new show during the 12-3pm time slot on Cumulus radio stations:

I’ve been watching this one develop for the last several weeks. I’m happy for Dan. He deserves the bigger platform… but frankly the management at Cumulus has always left me a little cold. Lew Dickey junior is not the radio guy his old man was. (Full disclosure… I knew and worked for his father.) If you doubt this, look at the disaster that WABC in New York has become.

I’ve noticed that some consider that this is a move to replace Limbaugh and to a certain extent I suppose that’s true, (same time slot and all) but he’s not going to have nearly the number of stations. Remember that the Limbaugh deal was between Premier and Iheart, and Cumulus was secondary to that deal… And what Iheart is going to do at this point is just about anybody’s guess.