So, it turns out that the supposed “armed insurrection” at the Capitol, was neither one.

A top FBI counterterrorism official testified on Wednesday that no firearms were recovered during arrests of rioters who breached the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

“How many firearms were confiscated in the Capitol or on Capitol grounds during that day?” Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson asked Jill Sanborn, the FBI official, during a Senate Homeland Security hearing.

“To my knowledge, we have not recovered any on that day from any other arrests at the scene at this point,” replied Sanborn, who serves as FBI assistant director for counterterrorism.

“I don’t want to speak on behalf of Metro and Capitol police, but, to my knowledge, none,” she added.

Once again, the narrative being put out by the Democrats turns out to be absolute stable carpeting.

I tell you truly folks, if the Democrats are saying it, it’s the most solid indication you’re going to get that what they’re saying isn’t true.

Why does anyone trust them anymore?