Word on the wire from down the road in Cleveland, this morning that Ford is planning on moving out of Avon Park Ohio to Mexico:

AVON LAKE, Ohio — Ford workers in Avon Lake were notified by letter from United Auto Workers leadership in Detroit that the automaker is not planning to bring a new line to their Ohio Assembly Plant (OHAP) but instead moving that production to Mexico.The letter from UAW Vice President Gerald Kariem stated that at the heart of the last contract with Ford signed in November 2019 was to increase job security and Ford, in turn, responded with a commitment to invest $900 million into the Ohio Assembly Plant, some of which was for “next-generation product to be added in 2023,” he wrote.

Didn’t the UAW just go all in for Biden as of last April?Ed Driscoll over at Instapundit answers that question.And it occurs to me that not one single union leader or politician is going to lose one red cent over this Mexican move by Ford.Do you understand yet, union members? The union has never been about you.