From the “things I wish I’d written” department, at American Thinker:

Are you a recent college graduate who can’t find a job because you majored in gender studies, art history, or interpretive dance? If so, you should consider an exciting and rewarding career as a Facebook fact-checker!

Fact-checking has become one of the fastest growing specialties within the booming tech industry. There’s just so much disinformation out there, including things we disagree with, things that might make people less likely to vote for progressives, and things we just find icky. That’s why good fact-checkers are in such high demand!

But don’t worry — fact-checking doesn’t require a great deal of knowledge or actual education, much less critical thinking skills. That’s why it’s perfect for today’s college graduates. In fact, there’s only one real job requirement: you must have spent the last five years in a progressive bubble, where literally everyone you know believes things like “a man can have a baby,” “climate change will destroy the planet in 12 years,” and “Joe Biden in not suffering from dementia.”

Look, everyone knows that this is precisely what is happening. And it’s not just Facebook. The mainstream media too, has fallen in line with the leftist lockstep, on the order of a Pravda, as Matt Taibbi points out.

But you know, the case of Facebook (and for that matter Twitter, I suppose,) are far more egregious given that they directly attack the individual. As Matt Taibbi suggests in his piece, very few Russians actually read property without laughing, but it being out there to laugh at is precisely the point.

In the case of Facebook however… when these idiotic “fact checkers” go to work, it’s entirely impossible for the public to even discuss the matter much less laugh at it, social media, thus controled,

You may remember big tech execs being hauled up before Congress over free speech issues. The threat was that they were going to be broken up

Well all that’s changed now..

With the Democrats at the reins of all three branches of government, that’s no longer the case. Do you know how I know that? Simply put, big tech is eliminating from their platforms all opposition to Democrats.

The Democrats recognize a good political weapon when they see one.

Personally my thinking on that subject is those show trials were intended to scare the management at Facebook and Twitter and whatever else into liberal lockstep. The tool, having performed its task, gets dropped like a wrench. There is now no more to talk about raining in big tech since they have fallen into line.

As I say, the Democrats recognize a good political tool when they see one… Facebook is more effective in turn, at controlling the population than Pravda ever could be, to the point where I have to wonder openly if a free society can survive such an entity.