And so National Review makes an obvious observation:

Everyone knew this was coming, given how pathetic the ratings were for the Golden Globes and the Grammys, but even so, the viewership numbers are a shocking disaster for the Academy Awards broadcast. After last year’s rock-bottom viewership hit 23.6 million and the top award went to a Korean film, Parasite, the average person hadn’t even heard of, this year’s Oscars went full woke. You never go full woke . . .

Look… everyone on the planet knows that what Hollywood’s been turning out lately is absolute garbage. But that’s only half the problem reflected in the ratings.

I mean, who doesn’t want to sit for 3 hours and watch a celebration of what are at best mediocre films that nobody outside the glitter gulch has even heard of much less seen, celebrated by self-absorbed leftists who nobody knows anymore, all while being scolded by those same self-absorbed leftists for not being “woke” enough?

If you want to know where America really stands politically and culturally, I advise you not to look at the manipulated vote totals from this most recent election, but look at the ratings on the Oscars.

Ask yourself a question: If the political and cultural elite that are, along with the Democrats, pushing “woke” actually had support in the general population as those manipulated vote totals from last November suggest, would the Oscars viewership be dropping like Bill Clinton’s pants, and like the economy under Obama?