Ask yourself a question… If George Floyd was white, would this trial have gone down this way? The obvious answer is “no” .

The jury was operating under threat of violence from the rabid left. Most of you don’t know this, because the mainstream media hasn’t been saying anything about it, but the violence has been escalating in Minneapolis for the last several days now.

Every night for the past week, many thousands have been listening to the activities of the Minneapolis Police department who found itself facing violence from the organized mobs who are now running Minneapolis. Several times now BLM, antifa, et al have threatened that all hell was going to break loose if a not guilty verdict was issued. Those threats, that violence, aided, abetted, and encouraged by leftist Democrats, were successful.

In short, what we have now is nothing short of mob rule. Sanity and actual justice and rule of law, has been replaced with critical race theory, enforced with threat of violence.

And somewhere, Nicole Simpson is shaking her head.