This is precisely what I said would happen, though this prediction was easily made:

.One defense witness already had the bloody head of a pig left on what intimidators thought was his front porch in punishment for testifying on behalf of Derek Chauvin. Now, state-sponsored intimidators are targeting another defense witness in the trial of the police officer accused of killing George Floyd in Minneapolis in 2020. His offense? Wrong-think.
Dr. David Fowler, the former Maryland medical examiner and forensic pathologist, testified for defendant Derek Chauvin on day 13 of the trial that the former cop’s actions weren’t solely responsible for George Floyd’s death. And because of this opinion, Maryland will now investigate 17 years of his findings in state cases, which includes the case of Freddie Gray, Anton Black, and other high-profile perps who died in police custody.

Ladies and gentlemen this is just the latest indication of how corrupt the lynching of Derek Chauvin has been. They couldn’t intimidate the good doctor, so they’ll prosecute him for defending the cop, and make an example out of him.

This is precisely what happens in every socialist dictatorship in history. Berlin, 1933. Stalinist Russia. Castro’s Cuba. And so on. It’s precisely what Orwell warned us about.

It comes down to this: When the left is in power, you’d better be in lockstep with them or you will be at the end of the proverbial rope as in this case.

Understand, this is not so much about intimidating this witness per se, this is about intimidating anyone in future, who dares to step out of line and actually resort to things like fact. Anything that damages the position of the left must be expunged.

. Like what you see, America?