Let’s look closely at the press conference in Minneapolis by way of The Federalist:

During a press conference on Monday, Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon sparred with the press after a reporter tried to stop him from calling the destruction and violence outside of Minneapolis on Sunday a riot.

“Just so everybody is clear, I was front and center at the protest, at the riot,” Gannon said.

Before he could continue the press conference, Gannon faced disputes from multiple reporters who took issue with his use of the word “riot” and demanded that he stop using it.

“It was not a riot,” one reporter shot back.

“There was no riot,” another reporter warned, joined by other members of the press who said, “don’t do that.”

Gannon quickly shut down the allegation from the media by explaining that multiple officers were “putting themselves in harm’s way” as objects rained down on them.

Fox News filed a similar and somewhat more detailed report

None of the rest of the mainstream media even touched on the subject.

Funny how the press wasn’t pressuring the authorities not to call the protests in DC a riot.

But in this case there can’t possibly have been a riot because there’s a Democrat in the white house. Those things simply don’t happen when Democrats are in power.

Do you see the problem yet?