I’m watching, as is the rest of the nation, the events in Minneapolis. For example BLM threatening to tax the police and come kill their families. Ladies and gentlemen this is what Joe Clueless calls “mostly peaceful”.

Can you imagine if any other race was guilty of such things, that they wouldn’t be in jail right now? And need I point out that more white people are shot by the police than any other race? So then, why is it that when white folks get shot nobody riots? It hardly makes a mention in the mainstream media.

There was a police officer shot in Austin the other day. Did you know about it?

Go ahead and tell me about “white privilege” again.

As to the specific incident in Minneapolis that started this most recent spate of rioting, unlike the rioters the Democrats and their lackeys in the news media, I’m going to sit back and wait for the other shoe to drop. Perhaps you’ve noticed the same trend I have, wherein once the facts start coming out, the situation is not what they would have us believe.