Victoria Taft reports that liberal writer Naomi wolf is about to get denounced:

.Wolf, who started a tech site that she says is meant to bring the right and left together, says the passport would divide people between haves and have nots: those who have had the COVID shot and those who have not. In her words, it “is literally the end of human liberty in the West if this plan unfolds as planned.”

She has spent the last year or two supposedly trying to bring left and right together but frankly her biggest problem is always been a lack of credibility on the right and, if anything, a grudging acceptance on the left which just evaporated. You know very well what happens to people who step outside of the accepted mantra.

I’d like to say that she’s learned, apparently a little too late, that ending human Liberty is what the left has always been about, else, that being kicked out of the club will enlighten her on these matters, but frankly I doubt she’s got that much in the way of gray matter. She’s a fair writer, but one quality she lacks is the ability to think things all the way through as evidenced by what she has written over the years.

That she understands that what we’re heading for with this proposal of Biden’s is virus Gestapo is an improvement, but only a marginal one that comes far too late for her.

She’s finally seen a glimmer of Truth… Though not all of it… and will be ostracized for her pains and in the end she won’t have a stinking clue as to why.

I foresee more of the left coming to the conclusion that what they’re seeing from their current leadership is not what they had in mind at all, and having reached the international enough line, begin to speak openly against what they’ve worked so long for.

Sadly, Siberia and many parts of China as well as Cuba Cambodia and Vietnam and Korea are littered with the graves of people who came to those conclusions too late