A few thoughts that have occurred to me over the last several days.

# The Democrats are wetting their pants over Russia again, for the simple reason that China is wetting their pants over Russia. If the Democrats are doing something, check out who’s holding the leash. You’re going to find China there every time.

# Fauci is now saying that there is a varient of covid-19 out in the wild that evades testing. So let’s make sure I’ve got this right. I may be sick with a virus that has no symptoms cannot be detected and this is why he wants us all to be wearing masks? I guess the question of how stupid he thinks the American people are, has been answered.

# So the guy that was responsible for the death of the capital cop in a knife attack as well as a lot of damage and who also died in the attack the other day… his name was Noah Green. He was a Nation of Islam supporter.

Which in turn, explains why we haven’t been seeing the news media going 24/7 on this stuff anymore. The narrative fell apart on them. Seems only a day ago we were being told that this was an act of white supremacy that could have been stopped if we’d only passed common Sense gun reform. It wasn’t a white guy, it wasn’t a gun, oops. Dead silence.